Friday, July 2, 2010


(I have been asked about the dinnerware on the image: The big serving plate is in bone china from Rikke Jakobson - The boat shaped dinner plates are form Figgjo (Front line) - the silk mats are from Armani Casa)

I thought it would be appropriate to upload a photo of my favourite Sushi take away. Located about 30 meters from where I work - Sushi Saiko delivers Copenhagen's finest Sushi. On the image you have "Chef Choice", which is just a notch better than the 24 pieces standard package.

Even though I love to cook, I can guarantee you, that on a Friday - my goal is simply to do as little as possible and have a good bottle of Champagne. As Sushi is not exactly the worst thing you can do to Champagne (go easy on the wasabi) I often go for this option.


Anonymous said...

OK then; but which bottle of champagne?

Thomas said...

1999 Deutz "Cuvée William Deutz Rosé"...wasn't you might have read.

Signe hated it...she said "This is not a Champagne from Mads, is it?".

So the next day we had 2006 L'Amateur - then she was happy...and me too ;-).

Yesterday we had 2006 Les Ursules...It's irresistible right now - even though it's still young.

Take care.