Friday, July 30, 2010

Small break

I Need a rest. Hope you are all having fun and drinking well.

See you later.


JLB said...

That's a remarkably beautiful photo. I sincerely hope and trust this doesn't spell the end of your blog- it's superb.

Drink well, rest well, and enjoy all.



Thomas said...

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much – makes me happy you like the blog. The photo is taking just 500m from where I live. The cornfields are just beautiful right now, and just and hour before the sun goes down, you have the most amazing light.

It’s not the end to my blog, don’t’ worry – but it’s a needed brake from work, where I have reached my personal threshold of how much pressure I can take. I trade financial instruments related to Government bonds and have during the last 3 months been covering what 4 persons normally do, due to that we have lost a colleague and are understaffed already. In addition my holiday plans are ruined. 1st of September I will have help – thank God.

When you begin to feel physical uncomfortable and need to go bed before eight o’clock, you should pay attention to those red lamps. I have been doing my kind of job for 17 years now – and this is the first time I have really felt uncomfortable and actually a bit worried to just keep pushing my limits.

So I need a break – need to have my 2-3 days a week of exercise back on track, spending time with my family and simply not look at those financial markets – which in the big picture doesn’t have any significant value.

Take care

Nanna Wang Carlsen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles - but glad to hear that you pay attention to the warning signals your body is sending you.

Take care and know that on average it takes the same amount of time to recover from a stressful period as it took to build up the stress. So three months of extreme pressure equal three months of recovery. So try not expect from yourself that you are fully recovered after a nice calm weekend or even a few weeks of vacation.

Hope that you get to spend time with your family, do your workout and sip a nice glass of bubbles once in a while. I'm sure you deserve it.

All the best, Nanna

Thomas said...

Thank you, Nanna – you are too kind.

I can guarantee you, that I am enjoying this break ;-).

Best from,