Monday, August 16, 2010

2004 David Léclapart "L'Artiste", Champagne

100% Chardonnay
Dosage: 0 g/l
Aged in half old barriques and half enamelled steel tanks
Vines roughly 37 years of age
Glass: Spiegelau Adina “Red wine"

This is just a small update

My birthday, 11th of August – my parents are over for dinner and we are drinking Champagne – but of course. After having served them a beautiful NV Rosé Zero from Tarlant (this Champagne works better in the Zalto glass), I poured 2004 L’Artiste from David Léclapart. I had my fingers crossed, that this bottle would be as nice as the one I had back in March 2010. I was not disappointed – in fact this bottle was even better.

This update is merely just to tell you how outrageous good this Champagne is. Big brother L’Apôtre might have more depth, but 2004 L’Artiste is candidate for being the most electrical Champagne I have ever tasted. It’s energy and tallness is something you don’t see everyday and imagine how it’s adding to its already incredible purity. Pure magic.

This Champagne has many years left – but if you have this wine in your cellar – I suggest you try a bottle right now.


Willy Sutopo said...

Happy belated Birthday Thomas.Happy to see you back blogging again. It makes me curious to taste the 04 L'Artiste again. I just had the the 07 L'Amateur last night, it was delicious.

Thomas said...

Thank you, Willy.


Haven't had the 07 L'Amateur yet - but sounds good.


Jo Rodin said...

Thomas, greetings from Oslo! Interesting blog which I just stumbled across a week back. Although having heard and read about David Leclapart elsewhere (incl Peter Liem), your comments on L'Artiste an L'Apotre made me walk over to my closest Monopoly store and pick up a bottle of L'Apotre 04 yesterday. Having done that I also had to open it yesterday, of course... While I have decided to defer my personal judgement or opinion until I have checked out the remainder tonight, I can say that it was certainly interesting - so thanks for "making me" check it out!

Thomas said...

Hi Jo,

Forgive me for this late reply – just landed from Sardinia – where I completely turned off all kind of electronic devices ;-).

How great to hear from Oslo and glad you found the blog interesting.

Always interesting to hear other tasters judgment of what I consider to be incredible Champagnes – so what did you think?

Best from,