Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 X German Riesling – short notes

(Yes sorry - the flowers again - I am running out of ideas ;-) )

I had the 2007 Riesling GG ”Halenberg” from Emrich-Schönleber on a beautiful July summer day. I found it very mouth coating and generous with honey fruit, but not particular complex, as the fruit core was too oily and elastic, which took some grip away. I didn’t decant it and I am sure this was a mistake. Have a few more – but might cellar now in order to bring out more layers.

I found the 2004 “Hermannshöhle GG” from Dönnhoff much better. This wine is sensational delicious – with notes of lush peach and mango. Some of my most geeky Riesling friends find Dönnhoff too polished and I can see what they mean, but with a wine like this, you just have to surrender yourself.

The last German Riesling I had was the 2005 Schlossberg from George Breuer. The wine was very disappointing with strong notes of honey, fennel, hay, ginger and gasoline. I consider Breuer to be an excellent producer and am particular fond of the “Nonnenberg” – but this wine was really awkward. I e-mailed my good friend Martin, who I trust as a true Riesling expert and he told me that Schlossberg is a wine to cellar and not drink now. So there you go – don’t listen to me.

Cheers…and all in Zalto Universal – the glass on the first image.

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