Monday, November 15, 2010

2006 Jêrôme Prévost, La Closerie "Les Béguines"

100% Pinot Meunier
48 year old vines
Dosage: 0 g/l
Glass: Spiegelau Adina "Red wine"

Just an update – but what an update.

There are indeed bottle variations with Prévost. But you know what – I can live with that. Especially when one bottle is presenting itself young and sophisticated – and the next bottle is slightly more evolved and filled with complex layers. This bottle belongs in the last section and it’s the best bottle of 2006 La Closerie "Les Béguines" I have tasted so far.

You have a slightly oxidized tone – deeper toned honey fruits, but with the companionship of the most gorgeous aromas of orange blossoms, bay leaves, and the always traditional sophisticated spices, which is a trademark of this Champagne. It’s an unbelievable complex breed and the taste is long, deep and filled with an overwhelming hedonistic appeal.

Having just said all of the positive things about this Champagne – I think it has even more gears and layers hidden over the coming years.



Thijs said...


Once again, nice post!!

I tasted the same wine last week. It was exactly the same vintage as well. It really is a fantastic wine although not everyone around the table enjoyed it. It really is something very special and needs to be introduced to people for it to be enjoyed to the maximum. Like you said unbelievably complex!! Having said that, I am not so sure it will gain anything from further ageing. In my humble opinion the oxidzed notes will come out more and the fruit will soon disappear.. I sincerely hope I am wrong cuz I still have a couple of bottles and would love to see them go (even) further!!

Thomas said...

Hi Thijs,

Who didn’t like it??? Are they nuts?? Well at least you have good taste.


I agree it’s perfect now and maybe I am not right – only time will tell. But oxidation is funny thing and not always a sign of perfect maturity and things going more and more in that direction. I have seen it with Selosse – which even is Prévost Jedi Master. His wines can often open oxidized, dull in the glass, but gain freshness and loose the oxidized aspect as they are exposed to air. Even old disgorgements of Substance taster fresher than new disgorged Substance.

It’s complex liquid – how nice.