Monday, November 15, 2010

2007 Alexandre Jouveaux

100% Chardonnay
Vineyard: 0,2 ha
Production: 1.120 bottles
Soil: Clay and limestone
Wines age: 50 - 104 years old
Glass: Zalto Burgundy

More updates – or?? You see – I have written to you about the wines from Alexandre Jouveaux before. But I presumed there was only two – and it turns out there is actually three – well maybe even four. Well, now I have an image on two of them (Le Mont and this one). But Alexandre Jouveaux doesn’t make it much easier with calling all his wines “vin de table”. I don’t know which one I like best – maybe even the most moderate priced “Le Mont”, as it’s so energetic, insane and life confirming. But this wine – might be his best, seen from an objective scope, as it has more complex layers.

There is a red line in what I have tasted so far. The wines possess incredible freshness, which is being brought to life from a very direct soil attack and filled with frightening high acidity. They also – likes this 2007 have lots of freshly pressed apple juice, a warm newly baked bread feeling and a yeasty tone, which combined with the limestone notes, makes me think of Champagne. I embrace such wines, because they are able to hold your tastes buds alert and fresh at all times. This 2007 expands itself a bit more on the palate with multiple layers, compared to “Le Mont” and yet the acidity and soil attack are high and direct.

The wines from Alexandre Jouveaux are small-undiscovered treasures and they are still made so challenging, so geeks like you and me can hopefully keep them for ourselves before the big rating cavalry comes riding.


Anonymous said...

Hej Thomas - Lyder rigtig spændende - Hvem forhandler vinene?
Vh Simon

Anonymous said...

1½ år siden ved Charlottenlund Fort.

Thomas said...

Simon - du kan købe dem her:

Thomas said...

Cool billede ;-).

Anonymous said...

I'm quite confident that 'the big rating cavalry' will not come riding anytime soon.

Thomas said...

We hope so - and I trust you, Mads.