Saturday, November 22, 2008

2000 Vilmart, Grand Cellier Rubis Rosé, Champagne

(Glass; Zalto Champagne)

Strange opening – virtually closed, with a bizarre - almost sweet candy feeling and an elastic fruit core feeling, giving it a balance problem. Glass 2 - much better, but still holding back somewhat, but the fruit core is firming up and the sweetness starts to integrate, transforming and taking form of red berries and spices. From glass 3 and forward the Champagne starts to unfold its trademark – its link to red Burgundy. It’s literally like drinking a red Burgundy with bubbles, and can’t help smiling a little bit about this. But currently this 2000 is not giving that much – I found myself struggling a little bit with the taste – it’s incredible smooth and elegant and the bubbles rising in the glass are among the finest and the most microscopically I have ever seen. But the mineral snap is certainly missing here and combined with the spicy notes on the nose and taste, I feel it’s showing signs of a sleeping phase. I will cellar my remaining bottles 4-5 years more.
Tasted 21/11-2008

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