Saturday, November 15, 2008

2002 Leclerc-Briant "Divine", Champagne

(Glass, Zalto Champagne)

This Champagne is disappointing. The nose is rather opulent with an oozing nose of oak (lots of it), vanilla, banana, sour cream, smoke (grilled notes) and over mature apples. These notes combined gives a profile of which I haven't seen anything like it before. The level of sweetness here is one of a kind, and I simply don’t like it – it’s weird and out of balance. In addition – every time I poured a new glass, I hoped for this combo to be somewhat altered or at least showing signs of shifting in a opposite direction or putting on new layers – but no, it’s a monotonous overcoat infected the champagne from start to finish – so sad. Only hope, the taste is fair, apples and a fair creaminess. The advice from here – don’t drink now.

(Tasted 15/11-2008)

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Birk said...

maybe it was defect? it should be young and fresh.