Saturday, November 15, 2008

NV Selosse "Rosé", Champagne

(Glass Zalto)

Click on the picture….thirsty…?? Okay so I have adjusted the picture a bit in Photoshop to make the bottle seem even more mouth watering. And what was it that I once said about champagne?? ”When you learn to think of Champagne as a wine, not a thing – then you will realize how great a wine it is” ;-).

Anyway – this is Selosse somewhat controversial Rosé. Controversial because even the most Selosse addicted fans finds his Rosé the black sheep of his collection. So let’s take a deeper look of what inside this extremely sexy bottle. The nose is deep bound with notes of sweet biscuits, raspberries, currant (giving almost iron like warmth), strawberry, and exotic passion fruits. The taste is long and muscular. Sounds nice - right?...but not really. There is a problem – the oak. The oak is probably giving the ravishing sweet biscuit note, that I really adore smelling, but it’s simply kills the finesse as it spreads all over the Champagne and makes it too heavy. Having said that – and had this been a red wine, I would probably had a hard time finishing the bottle. But this is Champagne and the drinking pleasure is always at a high plateau – see that’s what makes it the world’s best drink (Yes yes…I have said it before ;-) ).

Bonus info – can’t really see when this bottle was disgorged, but I have a suspicion that it was not totally fresh (bought it from the same man who sold me the Extra Brut (see previous TN)). The critics of Selosse Rosé claim that the oak is more pronounced with age – so let’s see if there is a difference, should I stumble over a newly disgorged bottle someday.

Tasted 14/11-2008

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