Saturday, April 4, 2009

2002 Jacques Lassaigne "Millésime"

The appropriate word for this Champagne is; subtle.

There are several paths which lead to please the mind of a wine taster. Like a work of art – if it’s a movie, painting, photograph or a glass of Champagne the ability to reach a cheering audience, has endless recipes. The recipes I like the most, are the ones which uses the fewest means to reach its audience. This Champagne is in that category.

This 2002 Vintage has just been released – 1½ year later than the 2003 vintage. As I understand it, Jacques Lassaigne where particular satisfied with his ‘02 vintage and postponed the release in order to give it even more nuances. Who can blame him – the result is pure dynamite.
Really elegant nose, so much class here – with honey melon, sour dough, flowers and loads of underlying brushes of mineral linearity. Taste follows up – no fuss at all, incredible pure, strong and firm acidity which keeps everything rank and really graceful presented. Nothing is overstated here. There is simply no need to show off - all of the components are presented at the right subtle tone with exceptional balance. Brilliant Champagne - selling at a very fair price.

For more information on Jacques Lassaigne – click here

(Picture is taken in ISO 3200 - Noise removed...not RAW...will get Lightroom 2 next week - camera is new...Canon EOS 5D Mark II - lense 24-70mm f.2/8 in macro setting)


Voodoo Child said...

Hey Come on ,you are drinking the same Champagnes as me, what is this telepati ;-)
Both very delicious, 2002 is a winner IMHO

Thomas said...

Hehe, Ebbe.

2002 is for sure a winner.



Dan Samsøe said...

Hi Thomas

That sounds delicious :-) Does it come wrapped in golden paper????

Thomas said...

Nope – no fluff here, Dan.

But the label is really classy – and the curved line you see on the picture is in a gold color. So maybe it’s something for Posh-Dan ;-).

Do try it – I have a feeling that you will like it.