Thursday, April 16, 2009

2006 Cédric Bouchard "Les Ursules" Champagne

A traditional wine tasting note often takes its form of describing the aromatic notes of - first the bouquet and - secondly the taste. Personally I don’t use it so schematic – even though I am aware of this formula. With 2006 Les Ursules in the glass - this form is not at all easy – because the Champagne is so unique.

I knew it would be a slow starter, so I was not surprised to stick my nose in a tightly packed and somewhat bombastic fruit core. The only notes escaping are raw - black – almost slate character minerals, which gives the wine a spicy touch.  With time – we are talking +30 minutes here, red currant is coming out, black cherries – I think….you see…the fruit core here is so complex and this is not something you see everyday, so for the first time I am not so sure what I saw, but I tell you I liked it. I would even go as far as including a note of diamond dust – even though I don’t have a clue how that would smell – it’s just a metaphor for describing something incredible mineral intense, but at the same time very sleek. The taste has a lot red currant; minerals, spices, elegance, concentration and I could go on and on – the personality is so strong. I would seriously recommend you to cellar this, but if you want to try it now – do give it some time to open op and be prepared to spend 3-4 hours with it. What else – better than the 2005 Vintage, because the components has better “space” between them, which makes them more focused and overall it’s creates a more refined and balanced wine.

Overall – I think this Champagne is something else – spectacular different and highly intellectual to drink. I am eager and almost can’t wait to taste how it will evolve – I suspect it will be intriguing sophisticated and with even more mysterious complexity

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture ;-)

Thomas said...

Hehe….thank you, Mia.

But I am not all satisfied with it. The 85mm lense is brilliant. But for taking pictures of wine labels, like this Les Ursules, it’s simply not lens to use, as the shortest working distance is 95 cm. You will have too much challenge of seeing the label probably on the small pictures; it’s okay when you see the larger version of the picture. A more appropriate lens for this propose is the 50mm f/1.4, where you can get as close as 45 cm. However the 85mm will make a lot more glance to the picture when you have these sunbeams hitting the glasses. Pluss the sharpness of the picture is incredible – I have never seen anything like it before. So why did I choose the 85mm for this picture? I just can’t resist my new toy. When I am done playing I will use the 50mm a lot more for these label pictures ;-).

Uhhh…the 2006 Les Ursules was nice.