Wednesday, April 8, 2009


(A lady with lots of character)

Since I bought my first SLR-camera I have been sucked into the world of photography. Now - how hard can it be to press the bottom and just fire away and hope something good will come out? On paper pretty easy, especially in our digitalized world, - but in reality pretty hard if you want to move from bad >> good >> great.

I definitely see a link between the passion of wine and photography. The old cliché of capturing a moment works both with good wine memories and the visualization affect of a picture. The two combined makes it not only a strong tool for communicating, but a passion of food and wine is also a mind game of sense and visualization awareness.

Best from,


Anonymous said...

Jeg vil ha' den linse! Skide godt billede af onkel Ulf (også beskæringen :-) Way to go, Thomas!
Mia R.

Thomas said...

Hej Mia,

Tusinde tak for dine rosende ord - det varmer meget.

Den linse er kan ikke leve uden den.


Bedste hilsner,