Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming up:

Coming up:

Visiting Champagne.  

Saying farewell to Wine group “Latour” with a Champagne tasting 


ned said...

What are those glasses? One looks like a Zalto, but I'm
not sure about the other.

Thomas said...

Hi Ned,

Yes – one of them is Zalto and the other one is from Spiegelau’s hand made series : Adina ”White wine”. I took a picture – here

This is the typical set-up I use when I open a Champagne and especially these very young and vinous Champagne, which presents themselves better in a white wine glass than a flute. I wouldn’t call Zalto a classic flute, but the “Adina” glass has a much larger bowl. In addition the Adina glasses are polished in a way where they actually holds the mousse rather well. But nothing beats Zalto on the palate – the Champagnes are always super electrical and fresher in Zalto and you get a better mineral feel.


Thomas said...

This glass link is teasing me….after /MadAboutWi….where is gets cut off it should say: