Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Champagne Visit - Bérèche et fils

Our last stop of the day was Bérèche et fils. As with Laherte, the young and new generation has taken over, with Raphaël Bérèche as the winemaker. Raphaël and Aurélien Laherte actually went to school together and are today best friends. A few days before we arrived in Champagne the two had put together a huge success with "Terres et Vins de Champagne". I suggest you read this article, from Peter Liems blog, to get more insight

Unfortunately our appointment with Raphaël was late in the day, so we didn't have time to see the cellars. But we did see some of the closest vineyards and taste some wines.  The family owned Bérèche et fils in Craon de Ludes owns 11 hectares and the closest 3 ha is now biodynamic grown. With time the other 8ha will follow the same bio-path.

Back at the house, Raphaël generously poured us a range of Champagnes. As with the wines, from Laherte, it's actually the zippiest, fresh and vibrant wines I prefer the most. The incredible charming Extra Brut Réserve is Champagne which fits in so many categories; a perfect welcome drink - the Champagne at the table when the family is together - but also with food as it flavours and acidity appeals so broad. You can only have to little of this stuff in your cellar. Another interesting wine from is the solera Champagne; Reflet d'Antan". You will find a TN on my blog on this wine, and I can for sure recognize it's high quality and interesting flavours - even if it's a wine which doesn't appeal that much to my preferences. The bottle we tasted with Raphaël, had been open for 2 days. Still fresh, with wild sweet exotic fruits of mango and banana juice.

Unfortunately I didn't get to taste his latest project, a new Rosé – the "L'Instant Rosé". But I have the feeling, that I will taste it later this year.

For more information about Bérèche et fils: http://www.champagne-bereche-et-fils.com/

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