Monday, November 2, 2009

2004 David Léclapart "L'Apôtre" (Again)

(Glass: Spiegelau Adina - the one on the picture)

Do you know the feeling of tasting a sublime young wine and then fearing when it will close down? That's how my first bottle of 2004 L'Apótre made me feel.

So I believe I found myself a proper excuse for tasting it again, don’t you?

I would be speculating, beyond my humble abilities as a wine taster, if I were to say that 2004 is on the verge of closing down. But that's probably how I feel - but I also have too much respect for the capricious nature of wine, Champagne and especially the authentic wines of David Léclapart.

So why do I feel like that? Well, the nose is a bit more muted, compared to last time. In addition the warmth and overload of bitter minerals is really biting back here, making it not entirely charming - if you were seeking sweet and adorable lush new fruit. But that's not even David léclapart, so what the hell I am talking about?

It just feels a bit more insulted of having been opened now. However the drinking pleasure is constantly on the rise, but where the magic explosion kicked in by glass 3 the last time - I had to wait until the last 2 glasses this time. The magic of the last glass made me seriously regret that I didn't decant it or opened 30 minutes beforehand. The notes are pear, apples, slate; mint leafs and everything is extremely tightly packed. What I also found fascinating with the last glass; is how vinous it is. Even if I am a mousse-loving person I would say with Apótre; give a decent spin in the glass and don't take too much notice of doing some damage to the mousse as you will provoke out this vinous style and actually see how pure it is. You will also take notice of a seriously high and clarifying acidity. There was even a tiny drop in one of my glasses, which I tasted the day after - were it had no signs of oxidation and actually smelled pretty damn good.

Overall – I still feel this Champagne is beyond good and it hit’s all my sweet spots – but I will probably cellar my remaining bottles for some time now.


Dan Samsøe said...

Nice :-) Jeg har ikke fået åbnet nogle af mine flasker endnu. Måske fredag til noget Disney sjov ;-)

Thomas said...

Hehe...du er tosset mand ;-).

Husk at åbne den i god tid.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog Thomas,

Came across it somehow and love it.

What kind of camera do you use? Have to get something better for my pics.

Thomas said...

Hi Felixhirsch,

Thank you!!!!

My camera is:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

When I shoot wine labels I mostly use a small lense; Canon 50mm f/1.4. With its high aperture it can handle pretty low lightning and it’s very handy (and fair priced).

Portraits I shoot with a spectacular lense from Canon; EF 85mm f/1.2L II.

In general my camera is a bit bulky to carry around to restaurants.

Best from,

Ps. Just clicked on your blog and the first post I see is The Ledbury – my favorite restaurant in London. I visit the place one a year, when I am there and will most likely have dinner there again in late February with some friend. Great place and great wine list (especially Champagne).
I will have a closer look at your blog.