Thursday, November 12, 2009

2006 David Léclapart "Trépail Rouge / l'Eden"

(Decanted 2½ hour - Glass; Zalto Burgundy)

(Okay, so once again a picture with fall leafs from my garden - but I'm running out of creative ideas how to take a picture of a wine label ;-) )

Inspired by the man himself, whom I met in Copenhagen the other week (much more on that later), I decided to taste his red wine.

Before I go into details about the wine, it's important for me just to mumble a little bit about the drinkability of a wine. A great wine memory is not always about a pompous wine tasting at a top class restaurant (which I have done a lot recently), nor sitting in silence and concentrating. The older I get, the more I praise the simplicity, honesty and drinkability of a wine. To be more specific it's simply the joy of pausing and looking forward to the next sip, while never feeling palate tiredness (it's okay to fell uplifted and have a little buzz ;-) ). Like this night, where I just had my feet up and reading a newly release Champagne book (also much more on that one later) and basically just feeling great.

So the wine....

Very subtle - incredible nuanced with fragile, pure and delicate red raspberry skin notes. A wine with an exceptional high mineral tone, to a degree of pure soil expression. Overall it provides the wine with a lot of dried elements, almost like the dust of a limestone quarry. The taste is almost a copy/paste of the nose, as it's of such fragile and feminine breed and provides a perfect harmony curl around the tongue, intense acidity and just leaving the palate mineral cleaned and ready for the next sip. I simply loved it, even if I am aware of having a thing for the Léclapart universe – but still; - it’s striking to me, that only 2-3 years back I would never have praised a wine of such fragile character.


Dan Samsøe said...

good stuff :-) As you say it's like drinking the soil of Trepail.... (as if I know how that tastes)

Enjoy you weekly glass of Moet tonight

Thomas said...

Hi Dan,


Writing notes on wines is sometimes a ridiculous attempt to find an association which you hopefully have never put in your mouth.

Yes yes…you know me…the Möet-monster strikes back…NOT!!!…a Barolo (1996 E. Pira Cannubi) tonight and maybe a Champagne tomorrow.

Have a nice time with Krug..lucky b...... – looking forward to your notes.