Sunday, May 2, 2010

NV Tarlant "Rosé Zero"

( Shot with aperture f/1.2 - causing a lot of out of focus blur)

The datasheet for this wine can be found on Tarlant’s homepage – click here
Glass: Zalto and Spiegelau Adina – both great.

Most wine lowers peruse to taste perfection and when they come close and even have a glint of perfection, some claim they will hunt that experience/taste/smell over and over again, as it where a drug.

I am no different –and yet, while polishing my halo, I have increasingly embraced the simplicity of a glass of wine – and in this case a glass of Champagne. Today I want wine and in particular Champagne, to be a natural rhythm of my life. Even if I had the financial freedom to buy the worlds most sought after wines, I would still drink, what I refer to “simple” wines, as they fall more natural into my needs and bring balance to the perception and evaluation of wine.

Why all this mumbling? Well – It’s easy to define great, when you can label a wine with multi layered complexity adjectives. But “simple” can also have it’s own beauty – even if the word in this context, always makes you think of something not great.

You have probably guessed it by now and I have already written half of the TN with this intro. This rosé is simple. Filled with fragrant red raspberry/strawberry and apricot notes. It has a great appealing and clean vivid fruit load. Taste is mild, simple and refreshing with a gentle spicy touch on the finish line. At no point did you realize it was a non-dosage.

It simply makes me happy to taste Champagnes like this.


Voodoo Child said...

Hi THomas,
I could not resist this" At no point did you realize it was a non-dosage."
Why should you ,I guess the wine was in balance or am I wrong.

Thomas said...

Ebbe – you are right ;-).

However, sometimes you can feel a Non-dosage is without dosage, but that isn’t the same as saying the wine needs dosage or isn’t in balance. You just know it’s without.

In this case you would be surprised to be told so, if you didn’t knew it beforehand.

Make sense?


Voodoo Child said...

Hi Thomas,
I thought Cedric Bouchard Ursules was rather sweet, but still no dosaged, only ripe fruit....

Makes sense

Very Best