Monday, November 30, 2009

Curiosity killed the cat.

2004 Domaine de la Tournelle "Ploussard de Monteiller"

100 % Ploussard sur marnes grises
Glass: Zalto Burgundy


After 16 years of tasting wine, I finally realized that Champagne was the Holy Grail for me. No need to buy German Rieslings, Barolo’s, Brunello’s or my ex-love; the Italian IGT wines anymore. It also put an ending to spontaneous purchases of high rated wines, whatever their geographic location. But finally, I seemed to have escaped the dark side of a wine collector – the shopaholic phenomenon of always having the obsession and fear of not of having the newly released vintage, which always (for some reason) is declared vintage of the decade/century or simply just a perfect year for one of your favorites wines.

So here I find myself, sitting with my first glass of red wine from Jura in France and the next week, I am at my local wine pusher and buying a case of this stuff.

I am back to ground zero, pathetic - Jesus Christ - what happened?

First of all, the wine speaks for itself. The 12.5% alcohol and its fragile brink red color is a first indication of a wine with very feminine features. The nose is an adorable twist between the red fruit from Burgundy Pinot Noir, but it’s also flirting with some Italian stuff here, I am thinking old School Sangiovese with red fruit and leather notes. Even some hints in the Barolo direction, with a rustic note of forest, mushrooms and dried fruits. It’s a slim, pure, chalky, light on its toes wine, with delightful great drinking pleasure. As I mentioned with David Léclapart’s Trépail Rouge, it’s unthinkable that I would have liked such a wine 2-3 years back. Great stuff and did I mention its great QPR around 15€.

Coming back to my intro. I might have believed that I was on safe ground with the new Champagne-tactic, but I guess I will always (like most other wine lowers) have a curiosity to try new things.


Anonymous said...

Thomas said...


Anonymous said...

Oh,oh.......should we worry about your mental health my friend?!

I am not quite shure whether you found the road to nirvana or I should call the doctor. :)))

I will pray for you.......

A big hug,

Thomas said...

Hi Martin,

Indeed you should worry, someone help me please.


Take care.


Voodoo Child said...

Hi Thomas,
You are getting religious, now its meager wines, yuor past is forgotten, thats the way to do...starting all over...wellcome.

Thomas said...

Thank you, Ebbe....hehe ;-)

I am – like you, still a passionate wine lower and I am open to new things.

I know myself well enough that I will have phases, where I embrace new types of wines, simply because they are eye-openers. In these phases I am an easy target and yes it’s not wrong of you to call me religious in those periods. I also know that there will be lost momentum and novelty with time. But Champagne has started this and it’s still there and even growing. Champagnes low alcohol, cool climate style is the reason why I now can enjoy something like this Jura wine.

I think this will be the new and old me – I hope so. But I will always be curious.

Anonymous said...

Interessant vin - googlede den og så at Vinimperiet har de hvide, men hvor kan de røde købes?