Sunday, May 16, 2010

2006, Julien Meyer "Heissenstein Pinot Noir", Alsace

Zero Sulphur
Glass: Zalto Burgundy

I thought it would be fun to publish this TN now - next to the sulphur infected Comtes de Champagne. I will still have a post on Tarlant for you later and also I will do a small wrap up of some of the other wines I have tasted in April. Plus I will attend a Krug Tasting this Friday.

I have actually tasted this wine before in 2004 Vintage some time ago, where it was served blind at a small tasting and I remember guesses flying in the direction of Burgundy and Leroy.

I served it rather chilled, around 14 degrees and just poured it directly from the bottle. 14 degrees is cold, but it’s all right, as the wine is already born very cool tempered and you will only bring out even more divine and sensational freshness. It’s filled with red raspberry fruit, sweet cherries and everything is so bright, pure and intense. It’s extremely seductive, yet very complex and one of those wines you can get lost in, by just sniffing it. On the tongue it curls with magical precision, slim and utterly refreshing. Like my wife said – “Can it be better than this?”

It’s worth to mention. I served it with a rather rustic lamp dish with carrots and thyme, where I in “the old days” would have served a rustic wine – let’s say a Chateauneuf du Pape. But this wine did it so much better, as the it’s bright flavours, low alcohol - combined with it’s sweet raspberry notes, was so cleaning and refreshing for the taste buds.

I rushed away to my local wine pusher and picked up a six-pack of this. I have already had it twice since…oh dear…my Champagne purchase plan is already destroyed.


Unknown said...

Hej Thomas

Hvem forhandler vinen?


Thomas said...

Hej Jørgen,

Den kan købes her: og koster 225,-

God fornøjelse.

Bedste hilsner,

Voodoo Child said...

I followed your choice, even decanted,but a disaster, the wine turned dark brown and smelled sugarcandies even weird cinnamon....
we throwed the rest out(most of it)undrinkable is my word here....was this like your experince???

Thomas said...

Hi Ebbe,

Sorry to hear about your experience – sounds revolting.

I am not an expert on NO sulphur wines, but simply made an easy analysis, concluding that such a wines worst enemy must be air and warmth – which can make it oxidize. On the occasions I have had it – I have simply served it to the cool side and poured it directly from the bottle. If I haven’t had the opportunity to drink it one go (typical with a meal and sharing it with my wife), I have put the glass cork back in and rested it in the fridge or in a cooling unit. Even when I picked up the bottles I rested them in a cooling unit on my way back to my home – just to make sure.

I have noticed the color to change at the end and the wine starting to oxidize, when I have had maybe a small sip left in my glasses – it happens after roughly 3-4 hours. But by then I have finished the bottle.

It’s honest wine and very complex wine IMHO.

Best from,