Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1990 Krug Vintage, Champagne, France

1990 Krug Vintage, Champagne, France Still a very young Champagne, but this bottle was more open than my last ’90 Krug. Apples, vanilla, croissants, fresh and again plenty of minerals. Taste is once again monumental with this never ending finish. (98+) (Tasted February 2006) 1990 Krug, Champagne, France Was 1990 DP Magnum better than this one? It’s hard to judge, and at best a luxury problem. But they are for sure different. The DP is more charming on the nose, but the Krug is more majestic and intellectual. The concentration of Krug is unbelievable, but still it’s so refined and elegant at the same time. The nose has fragments of, citrus, vanilla, melon, almonds, corn, flowers and slowly some marzipan. But the taste – mama mia…outrageous – it just goes on and on with killer mousse and the well known supernatural Krug feeling.

(Tasted September 2007)

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