Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2001 Feudi di San Gregorio, "Serpico", Campania, Italy

I have heard horror stories about this wine and must say that I was very positive surprised when its identity was revealed. Really bizarre smell at first – medicine, peppery salami, with some sort if Chinese spices. The wine changed after 30 minutes in the glass and firm up its mineral level, almost like cool water on iron. Taste is actually fantastic – I put it this way as I was amazed by its potential, even if the taste at this moment is raw, mineral packed, rock hard – dries out the mouth zones completely and for me it’s not everyday you see such magnificent potential. My guess is that it will easily drink well for 20 years, but when it will enter its drinking window is more difficult – I certainly will rest my bottles for 7-10 years. In terms of points it would be appropriate to use Richard Juhlins way of scoring, so;

Point Now: 91 / Point Potential: 96-97

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