Thursday, May 8, 2008

2000 Querciabella Palafreno, Tuscany, Italy

(Wedding wine)

As one of the guest said – This wine is a sexy beast - great integration of new wood and vanilla components. That’s true – but what I found pleasing and one of the important keys to this sexy approach was the high level of purity and balance. Not only did it have it, but well done in such a warm year where there could have been plenty of opportunities to ruin it. Querciabella did really hit jackpot in 2000 and this is stunning stuff. The Merlot gives the sweetness and the smooth chocolate surface, but as it got more air in the glass it gave more rough structural edges with, fresh Tuscan herbs, and black fruits. Taste is lovely and really a great combination of the same components from the nose – Merlot is the charmer – Sangiovese gives the needed structure and bite. (92)

Thu 02 Nov, 2006

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