Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2001 Fontodi, Flaccianello, Tuscany, Italy

Decanted for one Hour) Black fruit core with intense complex profile. The wine is dead sexy, with balsamic, olive oil and smoke. The wine had several phases over the evening and developed more sweetness from vanilla and perfumes from raspberry. The last glass even had a touch of buttermilk and fresh goat cheese. Also it transformed the black fruit core into a more subtle and pure nose. The taste was all the way stunning, long – and with perfect sangiovese attack, but a bit young still with bitter tar and balsamic tannins. (94)

Tasted 7th of October 2005, Glass: Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru

If to compare Fontalloro, Flaccionello and Percarlo from 2001 - I would say that Fontalloro has the most classic Sangiovese expression. It’s already very approachable now, but the least complex of the three. It will still evolve nicely and gain secondary notes, but nothing compared to the wild Flaccionello. The Flaccionello will gain many secondary notes with time as it had so many phases in the glass and still has these untamed tannins. Percarlo is the most refined of the three and posses and unheard purity and it can still recall these remarkable sweet Asian spices. I hope to test-drive the all side by side in near future.

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