Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2001 La Corte, Re, Puglia, Italy

I had to try this again – even though I promised myself last time I tasted it, to wait another year. It’s a stunning wine. Has at first dark cherries – liqueur-like, with pencil and iron. Then slowly transforming. A smoother picture of mocha and more refined berries is revealed. The taste is so well balanced, still a bold wine in some terms with dark balsamic notes in the closing, but still with purity from a mineral surplus. This TN is from memory and we had some friends over for dinner and I had a very hard to concentration on the conversation as the wine was seducing my attention. For those with the same bad manners of lacking patience, as me – give it exactly 2½ hours in a decanter and it will sing like a bird. (93+)

Tasted 18th of October 2005. Glass: Riedel Sommelier, Bordeaux Grand Cru.

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