Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2001 Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona “Vigna di Pianrosso”, Brunello, Tuscany, Italy

The wine opens up nicely with red fruit - but very quickly blackberries takes over and a more bold style takes emerges. Black cherries, smoke, Tuscan dust and a good doze of glycerine for each new pour (which was not in any way negative, but it quickly evaporates). But the wine closes down in the glass – and it was almost expected as the disappearing of the red fruit gave the first hint. Now you really have to concentrate, as the wine is very distant. But on the palate you get useful information’s even though it’s painful young. There is a herd of extreme rough tannins, dry extract and never ending bitter notes. It’s no pleasure, but when you swirl it round the tongue you feel a good structure, plus the sense of future minerals. On day two, the same story. I bought a bottle to see if this was a possible wine for my cellar, but I am not sure, but it has good potential for sure.

Thu 19 Jul, 2007

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