Friday, May 2, 2008

1999 Villa Cafaggio, Cortaccio, Tuscany, Italy

Ruby red. The nose is light berry with a green element. Not complex and missing in depth. The taste is very short and with wet stones. Tasted it in Tuscany 2002 and then it took some while before it opend up. So I waited...nothing happend. Even worse. (85?)

Tasted September 2003

1999 Villa Cafaggio, Cortaccio, Tuscany, Italy

First of all –my first TN must have been an off bottle of some kind. Or two years in the bottle has gladly made a significant improvement. Dark berries, prunes, liqueur, bacon, cappuccino, vanilla and some burned elements. The oak influence is defiantly there – a little disturbing as it gives this bacon like flavours. The oak influence is not sweet vanilla – the berries are simply to dark and hides it well. Taste was within the first two hours of drinking, very velvet and the mocha / cappuccino feeling from the nose was quite lovely integrated in the taste. After the velvet tannins there comes a herd of bitter tannins in the wines final palate touch. They turn out to be rather chewy and persistent on the aftertaste. This means good aging potential for me. BUT! – For some reason this wines didn’t move that much in me – why? Well I am missing one note – minerals, and I am a sucker for minerals so I need them to score higher. Also Tuscan Cabernets have never been my favourite’s wines, and especially not when it’s a 100% pure blend as Cortaccio is. I hope that time will benefit this wine and it will gain more nerve and purity. It has plenty of objectively complex notes; it just needs a better personality to score higher with me. (91)

Glass: Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru Fri 18 Nov, 2005

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