Friday, May 2, 2008

1999 Clerico, Arte VDT, Piemonte, Italy

What a positive surprise. I can’t even remember why I bought this bottle, but I think it was after I tasted it at a restaurant a while back. I have had the 1997 a few times and have had very mixed results with it, but most of them have been disappointment with tame fruit and little nerve. This 1999 was certainly not tame and shy – it came out with bursting confidence, oozing a glycerin note with herbs, black fruits and sublime fruit intensity. As time passed by the fruit calmed down a little bit (or I got used to it). The taste was extremely rewarding, mouthwatering and very concentrated with killer Italian warmth. Arte is perhaps not the most intellectual wine you will find, but it sure is a pleaser and the 1999 is by far the best “Arte” I have ever tasted

Glass: Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru Mon 28 Aug, 2006

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