Friday, May 2, 2008

1999 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

Purple red. Simply great nose. Blackcurrant, rubber, liquorice, and the fruit is very compact and gives out youth and complexity. The taste is extremely dry and touches the palate in the front of the mouth with so much extract but gradually softens in the back of the mouth. It’s a very well made Scrio and it has a good life ahead. Give it 3 years of cellaring (94+).

Wed 08 Dec, 2004

1999 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

I don’t know what kind of spell this producer has on me, but this wine is awesome. Tasted once, but as with Messorio 2-3 hours of air, takes this wine to a whole new level. Tightly packed, the freshest herbs you can imagine, English liquorice and parsnip. Taste is awesome – long and fantastic balance. Le Machiole is a master of concentration and elegance. I would really like to taste this again vs a La La from Guigal. (97+)

Tasted 30th of July 2005. "Chris NYC"

1999 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Tuscany, Italy

Tasted Scrio this summer and it was also great this time – besides the fact that I did not spot it in the right glass There are again tons of herbs – the nose is fresh, soft and velvet structure and the taste is once again sublime with this liquorice / black fruit finish. Scrio drops at first short and soft followed by this mineral show – with warmth and elegance. A bit lower score this time (96)

Fri 30 Sep, 2005

1999 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Tuscany, Italy

Caramel, plum, smoke, English liquorice, marzipan and best of all warm blooded Italian charm. The nose has so many layers of opulent fruit and it’s so sensual – this wine has been rocking from day one and is no where near of shutting down. In comparison the 1999 Scrio is by far be most opulent so far. Taste is fantastic – with the same Tuscan warmth, with structural precision and herbal warmth closing. (97)

Thu 13 Jul, 2006

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